Building a Toot Toot Town

Since becoming a parent, I’ve been wanting the right toy to come along that both Chase and I can become involved in. Something different to the usual Lego or wooden train set. Then, for Chase’s first birthday, a friend of ours gave him a Fire Engine from VTech’s Toot Toot range. I’m hooked. We I love this! We’re at the beginning of our town at the moment with the Airport, Fire Engine, Aeroplane,Helicopter and Jet.

Yes, the sounds get a bit much, and yes, it does start to drive me crazy when Chase has been pressing the button on one toy numerous times, to the point it’s repeating itself constantly, but I don’t care. He’s having fun, which in turn puts a smile on my face. In addition, I know he’s learning, because the first few times of him “playing” with it, he would just throw the toys on the road and giggle, however, as he develops, he’s starting to engage more and actually push the vehicles around the road.

As such, I felt that today was the day to start making a proper track, ready for when he gets up in the morning. I’m sure it will only last five minutes, but, watching him play
and learn will help him to develop more skills, and over time (and with more road, vehicles and buildings (hint hint)) will teach him to engage fully and be able to concentrate on one thing at a time.

For now, I’ll have my fun building the town, and see just how much space we can take up in the living room.

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  1. With you on this, my son loves toot toot! I think your blog is realy good, so I have nominates you for a Liebster Award (Recognition from one blogger to another) please head here fore more details

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