Goals for 2017

No 2016 review post from Little Guy and I. I found myself going through a quiet period at the end of 2016. As such I want to make a fresh start and concentrate on having a more successful 2017. To help maintain things better this year, I’ve got a few goals for 2017

I’ve had a think about where I want this year to go and also came across this very interesting post from last year. Setting Goals for your blog by The Dad Network

Blog Goals for 2017

Grow my Twitter & Instagram followers by 10% each month. It’s an ever growing target and this way there’s no limit to a specific number

More regular posts. I constantly fall down on this because I feel like I run out of content. This year I intend on writing a monthly post reviewing the previous month in line with the above target and throwing some other stats in. This way I’m not limiting myself to a survive number of posts per month which I’m going well help if I have a sudden month with lots of ideas

With the above in mind, this should in turn result in being more involved in linkys. This was a great way to get some more interaction and people reading, so this is something to become more involved with and also provides a regular place to feature writing. Unfortunately this was around the same time that writing quietened down so there was no further involvement from this blog.

Personal Goals for 2017

In addition to the above, there should always be some sort of personal goal. I’m going to go with something that everybody says every year. But with a slight twist. It’s to get a bit fitter. However, I recently found a couple of apps that I want to incorporate into this. These track how you’re doing and give a day by day update as to how you’re doing. I’m intending on posting a screenshot of these on a weekly basis so that everyone can see how successful (or not) I’ve been. Yes, you will all be able to see how I’m doing. Hopefully you’ll all give me some motivation each week!

So there you have it. 2017 should be a bigger year for Little Guy and I. Thanks for following!

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