Our first time nursery adventures

A few months ago, it was time to get Chase used to the idea of going to nursery.

We initially chose 10, yes 10, different nurseries to look at, however, upon speaking to a few and looking at prices, this quickly became 2. Which was much easier to cope with.

The first one we chose is less than 5 minutes from where we live. Upon entering, at 11am, it smelled horrible. The floor was sticky, and the kids didn’t seem particularly happy. We spent 30 minutes there being shown around knowing full well that this was not the one.

The alternative is a 5 minute drive away. Much bigger and with a really nice layout. We were shown around the entire place from the early years right through to pre-school. While walking around, it was obvious this was the one. It just felt so comfortable and Chase seemed interested in seeing the place too.

Settling in to nursery

Which brings us to this week, well, last week actually a few weeks ago now. The first settling in sessions. The very first one we stayed for, completing all of the necessary paperwork etc. The next one, was 90 minutes without us there. We dropped him off and he was gone. Left us. Without a care in the world. Time for coffee. 90 minutes later, we returned to a little boy, with red puffy eyes, inconsolable. It was truly heartbreaking. Seeing my little boy, who I’d spent the last 12 months at home with, balling his eyes out was horrible. Apparently he’d been fine for the first hour and then, I suspect, realised we were gone and was unsure whether we were coming back. A good hug and he started to cheer up thankfully.

Monday was the next session. He seemed eager to get in this time, which was great given the previous session. Then we put him down and he started crying again. We decided that that was our cue to leave and headed off. This session was 2 hours. I worried about how he would get on given the previous one, so I called the nursery after around an hour to be told that having done some reading and singing he’d settled down quite nicely. Woohoo! Thankfully it seemed he was settling in.

Full mornings at nursery

Tuesday came and he was definitely more excited, running along the path to get in. However, once he realised where he was and that we would be leaving, the crying began. This was his first proper session, a full morning. I worried (again) that he wouldn’t get on with this one, given that he was there for four and a half hours. Once again, I called after around an hour to be told that he was doing even better than Monday! Great news! I didn’t call again, on the basis that if there was a problem, they would give us a call. We headed back at around 1pm to a little boy who was happy as could be. It took a few minutes for him to even come to us, but once he did, big hugs were first on the agenda.

Wednesday started off in the exact same way as Tuesday. When we went back to pick him up however, there was more good news. As well as settling quickly and getting involved in play, he ate! Well, curry and rice was offered for lunch, and he ate the rice. Then as a pudding he had the custard but not the apple crumble. Still, it’s an improvement so things are looking up.

Saying that, eating is the biggest problem we have with Chase. Unfortunately, he is a very fussy eater. He’s happy with Weetabix, sandwiches and Pasta (not all at the same time) but if we try and give him anything else, he refuses it. Point blank refusal. It’s extremely frustrating, but hopefully, being surrounded by other children that are of a similar age and eating well, might help to encourage better eating.

How were your children when they first experienced nursery? Any tips to try and help him settle?

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