Parenthood and the first 3 months

Parenthood planning

You can never quite prepare for parenthood. Never. Everything was ready. Wardrobe of clothes, change table, cot all purchased. Drawers were moved from our room and replaced by a crib. Were we ready for parenthood? We thought so. Apparently though, we weren’t. Big fat NO! We slept on our sofas for the first six weeks. Definitely unexpected and not part of the plan.

Sleeping a maximum of 3 hours to start with was the toughest, especially with work an hours drive away. I’m pretty positive my head dropped more than once at my desk. However, we now have a pretty good routine building and Little Guy is chilling on our bed with his hands behind his head by 9pm ready for sleeping until 3am for a feed, provided by Daddy. An hour later, and we’re both back in our respective beds.

Routine building

Talking of feeding, that’s been tough. Unfortunately, he lost more than 12% of his weight in the first week and as such, we spent a number of weeks giving him High Energy Milk and then moved on to Aptamil. That didn’t go too well and he was regularly bringing up the majority of this, resulting in more dietitian meetings and Lactose Free milk which he seems fine with. It’ll soon be time to start getting him off of this and either back to Aptamil, or even to start weening him off of milk and bringing in more solids. That should be fun.

My only advice for new parents. Don’t stress. There will come times when nothing seems to be going “to plan”. Understanding your baby will come in time. You’l learn to recognise their cries and immediately know exactly what it is that they want. However, there will also be times, when, you think you know, but on this occasion, it’s something altogether different. Possibly teething. That one doesn’t seem to go away.

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