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A few months ago, it was time to get Chase used to the idea of going to nursery. We initially chose 10, yes 10, different nurseries to look at, however, upon speaking to a few […]

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a hundred times. Dad’s don’t feel welcome at a Baby and toddler group. To start with, I felt very uncomfortable. As a naturally introverted guy, I’ve always […]

As such, I felt that today was the day to start making a proper track, ready for when he gets up in the morning. I’m sure it will only last five minutes, but, watching him play
and learn will help him to develop more skills

This should be fun…Around 7 months off work, looking after Chase. OK, so, it’s actually 6 months of shared parental leave. However, due to having some days holiday still to take from work, my last […]

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