The 3 Apps for Parents that we relied on

With technology being so ingrained in our lives nowadays, it was inevitable parents would come to rely on phones/tablets for support. App designers also appear to have realised this and therefore with a quick look around Google’s Play Store, or Apple’s App Store, you’ll find thousands of apps for parents to attempt to utilise both during pregnancy and parenthood.

These Apps for Parents range from those that play lullabies, to tracking child’s progress. Some aren’t so great, whereas some have been, a great aid to understand what is happening in my child’s development. Here, I provide an overview of the apps that we have used and feel are the best for new parents.

The Wonder Weeks:

I only came to know about this app for parents a few months ago. Within a day of using it, I felt I had been missing out. You enter their due date and it provides an overview of mental changes that take place. For example, one of the final leaps is exploring the world of principles. This allows them to practice emotions, imitate others and role play daily life. At this time, Chase started to become upset if we wouldn’t allow him to do something. He also started to want to help me around the house. He started to empty and fill the washing machine and even use our coffee machine (with our assistance of course!) It’s been fascinating to watch him develop, and to know what to expect in future weeks, I feel, has helped us to assist him in developing at these stages.

Feed Baby – Tracker for Babies: 

This App for Parents was a bit of a life saver in the early months. Being able to track bottles, medicine and nappy changes after 3 hours sleep meant Chase never missed a regular feed. He was also never overdosed on medicine. Also, we could make sure he wasn’t dehydrated with regular nappy changes. This is still used regularly today as well, mainly when he is ill as we can see whether the next dose of medicine should be Calpol or Nurofen, and also whether he can have either of these or whether he’s at his maximum for 24 hours. The app also has a Journal section, which allows you to enter everything that baby does or has done (Bath, swimming, teething) and what mood they have been in. This can be useful in the early days to help understand our babies, especially in those early days when you’re not sure whether you’re coming or going half the time.

WomanLog  Pregnancy Calendar: 

My wife downloaded this in the early days of pregnancy, and it was actually really informative App for Parents. Why was this of interest? Let me explain. It’s essentially a calendar which tracks the progress of pregnancy. From conception, through to birth. It gives a week by week update as to what is happening with the foetus inside the womb. For example, week 8 it states “Arms and ears develop fast and contours of the face appear”. Further, it allows for tracking of mood (pro version), symptoms (backache, dizziness, insomnia etc), weight and more. Extremely useful for hospital trips to provide the hospital staff with a lot of information quickly, without needing to try and remember when she had bad days and good days.

What apps have you used? Or, have you used the same? Let me know below

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